In the 1990s, Sosland Publishing began disseminating content in the digital world. With the introduction of websites that complemented the company's printed magazines, content became quicker to access and allowed for more timely articles. Different sections of the websites became more focused. These enhancements allowed readers to narrow their searches to identify trending topics across the entire site.


Accompanying Sosland's websites are digital editions of corresponding printed magazines, providing the opportunity to view the magazines digitally, including archival material, with the convenience of a computer or tablet.


To complement the websites, multiple e-newsletters were created to offer readers a direct path to the latest articles delivered directly to their inbox. E-newsletters are not only offered at multiple delivery times per day but are designed to target unique audiences including ingredient suppliers and equipment manufacturers.


Online video offers a personal way for people to learn about upcoming products, techniques and strategies. Many of the videos are offered as a series or specific channels to entice viewers to watch multiple videos about a range of topics.