In the 1890’s the Sosland family immigrated to the United States, settling in Kansas City. In the early 1900s, several of the eight brothers from the Sosland family secured jobs as journalists. Their experience led three of them (shown above) to establish  what would become Sosland Publishing Company in 1922. The company would start with a single weekly publication, The Southwestern Miller, a periodical designed to offer timely news and market information for executives in the grain, milling and baking industry, helping business leaders make accurate and informed decisions.


The success of their flagship would allow the future Sosland generations to expand the company and publications that were offered.


Seven months after marking the March, 1972, 50th Anniversary, The Southwestern Miller changed its name to Milling & Baking News.


Baking & Snack was launched to cover the operations side of the wholesale baking industry in March 1979 as a supplement to Milling & Baking News and as a free-standing magazine in 1989.


World Grain was established in 1982 to cover the global grain, flour and feed industries.


Started in 1987, Baking Buyer — now bake — covers the retail baking industry.


Sosland Publishing acquired Meat+Poultry in 1996 and was Sosland’s first non-grain-based food magazine, covering the meat and poultry processing and further processing industries. The magazine was established in 1955 and celebrates its 60th year in 2015.


A spinoff of Baking Buyer, In-Store Buyer now instore —  was started in 2005.


Food Business News, a biweekly that publishes every other week with Milling & Baking News, covers the food processing business in totality. This magazine began publishing in March 2005.