Founded in 1922, Sosland Publishing is a B2B trade publishing company focused on producing and delivering indispensable content for the industries it serves.  Owned and managed by a family of editors and publishers, Sosland Publishing’s first 50 years were dedicated exclusively to the grain, flour milling and baking industries.  In recent decades, the company has broadened its reach deeper into the food processing industry (including meat and poultry processing) as well as into international grain and feed handling and processing, and most recently, pet food processing and the supermarket perimeter.



Over the past two decades, the company has steadily grown its digital presence while continuing to provide a wide array of print products. Today, Sosland Publishing connects its advertisers and audience of decision makers through traditional media products by delivering more innovative digital offerings and custom media. For over 40 years our Annual Purchasing Seminar has been a must attend event for the buyers and sellers of ingredients for grain-based foods.





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Throughout its history, a content-centric approach has set Sosland Publishing apart in the B2B publishing world. This approach remains fundamental to the company’s identity and mission. By serving the readers with an uncompromising commitment to the highest editorial standards, Sosland Publishing is best able to serve its advertisers and the industries it covers.

Sosland Publishing's titles reach a broad audience of empowered decision makers and engage them with rich and timely editorial content that is critically important in helping them make informed business decisions. Industry knowledge, experience and relationships built through the decades allow us to provide full service marketing and advertising services.


As we approach our hundredth year, Sosland Publishing  stands committed to growing with the industries we serve, expanding our products and services into new horizons to point the way toward success for our readers and advertisers in an ever-changing, ever-more complex world.



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