“Baking Science & Technology” has been completely reorganized for the 4th edition … and for practical use by the 21st century baker.

First published in 1952, then again in 1972 and 1988, this book has stood the test of time and continues to be used as a textbook by the industry’s leading baking schools and as a daily reference for thousands of bakers worldwide. 



Volume 1 sample pages
ISBN 978-0-9820239-0-7


Volume 2 sample pages
ISBN 978-0-9820239-1-4

2-volume set
ISBN 978-0-9820239-2-1

Volume 1: Fundamentals & Ingredients, with close to 800 pages, starts with basic information about the food science disciplines involved in bakery applications. It proceeds into ingredients and the crops from which they are derived. Laboratory instrumentation and a new section on sanitation have also been added.

This volume contains significant new material, including sections about masa (the dough of tortilla manufacturing), whole grains and their flours, allergen control, sourdough, ingredient systems (mixes, bases and concentrates), greatly expanded coverage of fiber and a look at the characterizing ingredients used to add value, eye appeal and nutrition, all of which help baking companies attract and retain consumer interest. Volume II will take up formulating and processing systems, including a new section on artisan baking technology.

Baking Science & Technology
Vol. 1: Fundamentals and Ingredients       


Volume 2: Formulation & Production takes up formulating and processing systems. This volume looks at fundamental dough and batter processes, and then it delves deep into formulating a vast variety of baked foods from bread, buns and flatbreads to cakes, cookies, muffins and donuts. Fried and
griddle items are also covered in detail as are icings and glazes.

The second half of Volume 2 comprehensively defines processing systems. From ingredient handling through mixing, makeup, thermal processing, cooling and packaging, these sections bring the reader up to date on the latest technology and define the array of choices and innovations available. Specialty equipment for tortillas, bagels, pretzels and baked snacks and others is also covered.

Baking Science & Technology
Vol. 2: Formulation and Production           


Two-Volume Set: This 1,600-page, 2-volume set contains significant new material presented in a logical and process-minded manner, taking the reader from basic essentials to advanced knowledge, from product ideation and ingredient technology to packaging materials and design.

Baking Science & Technology
2 Volume Set           



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