Bakery Redbook is a 300-page reference providing industry statistics and plant data for all wholesale baking companies, plants and multi-unit retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Published annually in July.

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2013 Buyers Guide  

2018 Baking & Snack Directory and Buyer's Guide is the only combined directory and buyer's guide in wholesale baking and snack contains names, locations, key personnel and products for both multiple- and single-unit snack and baked food plants in North America. The Buyer's Guide lists more than 400 categories and 1,000 suppliers of ingredients, equipment and services. Published annually in January.

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Baking Science and Technology Volume 1
Volume 1 sample pages
ISBN 978-0982023907

Volume 1: Fundamentals & Ingredients, with close to 800 pages, starts with basic about the food science disciplines involved in bakery applications. It proceeds into ingredients and the crops from which they are derived. Laboratory instrumentation and a new section on sanitation have also been added.

This volume contains significant new material, including sections about masa (the dough of tortilla manufacturing), whole grains and their flours, allergen control, sourdough, ingredient systems (mixes, bases and concentrates), greatly expanded coverage of fiber and a look at the characterizing ingredients used to add value, eye appeal and nutrition, all of which help baking companies attract and retain consumer interest. Volume II will take up formulating and processing systems, including a new section on artisan baking technology.

Baking Science & Technology
Volume 1: Fundamentals and Ingredients
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Baking Science and Technology Volume 2
Volume 2 sample pages
ISBN 978-0982023914

Volume 2: Formulation & Production takes up formulating and processing systems. This volume looks at fundamental dough and batter processes, and then it delves deep into formulating a vast variety of baked foods from bread, buns and flatbreads to cakes, cookies, muffins and donuts. Fried and griddle items are also covered in detail as are icings and glazes.

The second half of Volume 2 comprehensively defines processing systems. From ingredient handling through mixing, makeup, thermal processing, cooling and packaging, these sections bring the reader up to date on the latest technology and define the array of choices and innovations available. Specialty equipment for tortillas, bagels, pretzels and baked snacks and others is also covered.

Baking Science & Technology
Volume 2: Formulation & Production
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2-volume set
ISBN 978-0982023921

Two-Volume Set: This 1,600-page, 2-volume set contains significant new material presented in a logical and process-minded manner, taking the reader from basic essentials to advanced knowledge, from product ideation and ingredient technology to packaging materials and design.

Baking Science & Technology
2-volume set
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Sosland MarketFocus

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Sosland MarketFocus provides executives, purchasing managers and traders with vital daily market coverage. MarketFocus includes information on cash and futures grain markets, cash flour and millfeed markets, export wheat and flour business, crop conditions, country movement of grain, basis levels and more... plus regular updates of sweetener and shortening prices and key financial markets. Published every day the grain futures markets are open, 52 weeks a year.

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Sweetener Report - 1 year subscription

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Sweetener Report (1 year subscription) provides Sosland Publishing's unique U.S. beet and cane sugar prices, along with in-depth commentary, data and industry news for domestic, North American and global sugar markets, U.S. corn sweeteners and related products. Regular updates on Mexican cane sugar activity, global production and use information and news from private sources and government agencies are included, along with sugar futures prices, comments and charts. The electronic report is published on Wednesdays. Subscribers also have access to a daily market update and archived news on

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Bakery Newsletter - 1 year subscription


The Bakery Production & Marketing Newsletter is a snapshot of the week's grain-based foods news. Three pages of news focused on baking and one page of market analysis and quotes help make sure readers don't miss important industry developments. The newsletter is sent to subscribers by e-mail or telefax every Friday, while the news is still hot and fresh. Subscribers must specify delivery method below (email or fax).

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