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Food Business News is the food and beverage industry’s source for the latest news, trends and innovations. The publication covers the entire food and beverage supply chain, from markets and product development to manufacturing, distribution and consumer trends. Food Business News’ engaging content targets the needs of industry executives in corporate management, general management, research and development, purchasing and marketing.

Food Entrepreneur®

A dazzling number of startups have entered the food and beverage marketplace in the past decade, triggering profound change across the industry. Created for fans of new food and the people who make it, Food Entrepreneur offers a deep dive into the disruption effected by up-and-coming brands while profiling the industry’s most successful and intriguing founders.


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 of Food Business News readers play a role in purchasing ingredients, equipment or services
(Baxter Research Center, September 2022)


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Meet the team

Joshua L. Sosland, Editor-in-Chief, Milling & Baking News
Josh Sosland

Keith Nunes, Editor, Food Business News
Keith Nunes

Eric J. Schroeder, Executive Editor, Milling & Baking News, Managing Editor, World Grain
Eric J. Schroeder
Executive Editor

Ron Sterk, Senior Editor, Markets, Milling & Baking News
Ron Sterk
Senior Editor, Markets

Jeff Gelski
Senior Editor

Matt Noltemeyer, Associate Editor, Markets, Milling & Baking News
Matt Noltemeyer
Associate Editor, Markets

Crystal Futrell
Associate Editor, Markets

Caleb WIlson, Associate Editor, Food Business News
Caleb Wilson
Associate Editor

Sarah Straughn, Digital Associate Editor, Food Business News
Sarah Straughn
Digital Associate Editor

Brooke Just, Digital Associate Editor, Food Business News
Brooke Just
Associate Editor

Mike Gude, Group Publisher, Baking & Snack, Milling & Baking News and Food Business News
Mike Gude
Group Publisher, Baking & Snack, Milling & Baking News and Food Business News
Bruce Webster, Associate Publisher, Sosland Publishing
Bruce Webster
Publisher, Food Business News

Dave DePaul, Associate Publisher, Sosland Publishing
Dave DePaul
Associate Publisher

Matt O'Shea, Publisher, Dairy Processing
Matt O’Shea
Associate Publisher

Tom Huppe, National Account Executive, Sosland Publishing
Tom Huppe
National Account Executive

Lily Alvarez, National Account Executive, Sosland Publishing
Lily Alvarez
National Account Executive

Lauren Juliana, Inside Sales Representative, Sosland Publishing
Lauren Juliana
Inside Sales Representative

1. BPA Report – June 2023
2. Sosland Publishing Circulation
3. Sosland Publishing Circulation – No attempt has been made to identify or eliminate duplication that may exist across media channels