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More than a century of excellence

Since 1922, Milling & Baking News has been the ultimate source for timely and insightful news on the grain-based foods industry. Through compelling interviews with industry players, analysis of market trends and deep dives into ingredient technologies, as well as vital financial and regulatory updates, Milling & Baking News delivers the expert content that shapes the grain-based foods industry.


Total print and digital audience per month1


Average monthly sessions on bakingbusiness.com2


Average monthly newsletter circulation3

Circulation by job function4


Senior Management  


Marketing/ Purchasing





Meet the team

Neil Sosland, Executive Editor, Markets, Milling & Baking News
Neil Sosland
Executive Editor, Markets

Joshua L. Sosland, Editor-in-Chief, Milling & Baking News
Joshua L. Sosland

Eric J. Schroeder, Executive Editor, Milling & Baking News, Managing Editor, World Grain
Eric J. Schroeder
Executive Editor

Ron Sterk, Senior Editor, Markets, Milling & Baking News
Ron Sterk
Senior Editor, Markets

Jeff Gelski, Senior Editor, Milling & Baking News
Jeff Gelski
Senior Editor

Matt Noltemeyer, Associate Editor, Markets, Milling & Baking News
Matt Noltemeyer
Associate Editor, Markets

Crystal Futrell, Associate Editor, Markets, Milling & Baking News
Crystal Futrell
Associate Editor, Markets

Zachary Sosland
Associate Editor

Sean Dolan, Digital Media Associate Editor, Milling & Baking News
Sean Dolan
Digital Media Associate Editor

Mike Gude, Group Publisher, Baking & Snack, Milling & Baking News and Food Business News
Mike Gude
Group Publisher, Baking & Snack, Milling & Baking News and Food Business News
Dan Flavin, Publisher, World Grain
Dan Flavin
Publisher, World Grain

Troy Ashby, Publisher, bake, Supermarket Perimeter
Troy Ashby
Publisher, bake, Supermarket Perimeter

Bruce Webster, Associate Publisher, Sosland Publishing
Bruce Webster
Associate Publisher

Dave DePaul, Associate Publisher, Sosland Publishing
Dave DePaul
Associate Publisher

Matt O'Shea, Publisher, Dairy Processing
Matt O’Shea
Associate Publisher

James Boddicker, Publisher, Baking & Snack
James Boddicker
Publisher, Baking & Snack

Tom Huppe, National Account Executive, Sosland Publishing
Tom Huppe
National Account Executive

Josh Buttshaw, Media Sales Representative, Sosland Publishing
Josh Buttshaw
Media Sales Representative

Lily Alvarez, National Account Executive, Sosland Publishing
Lily Alvarez
National Account Executive

Lauren Juliana, Inside Sales Representative, Sosland Publishing
Lauren Juliana
Inside Sales Representative

1. Sosland Publishing® Circulation. Qualified circulation for analyzed issues (January 2023 – June 2023), for both Print and Digital x Reader + Pass-along Readership (Baxter Research Center – March 2023.)
2. Google Data Studios – January 2023 – June 2023
3. Publisher’s own data, June 2023. Aggregate monthly distribution (distribution x frequency) for Morning Brief, Daily, and Weekly. No attempt has been made to identify or eliminate duplication that may exist across media channels.
4. Sosland Publishing® Circulation