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Nine stellar LinkedIn post ideas for B2B brands

LinkedIn post ideas


Whether you’re using it to build brand awareness or generate leads, LinkedIn is a shining star in any business-to-business (B2B) marketer’s toolbox. Through Company Pages, the platform provides ample opportunities for equipment and ingredient manufacturers in the food industry to reach and build trust with customers.  

But to soar on LinkedIn, you’ll need a compelling content lineup that showcases not only the services you offer but also highlights your expertise and ties to the industry. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a list of ideas and examples from B2B companies in a variety of industries to inspire your next post and help your Company Page blast off.

1. Accelerate thought leadership

According to the 2021 LinkedIn-Edelman Thought Leadership Impact Report, 64% of buyers believe they can better assess an organization’s capabilities and competency through thought-leadership content than marketing materials and product sheets. Elevate trust in your brand and position yourself as a knowledge source by posting content that educates your followers and helps solve specific industry-related challenges they encounter.

Blog articles, podcast episodes, videos and white papers are just a few examples of content you can share on your page.

2. Shine at trade shows

Before your team takes off for their next tradeshow, remind your followers that you’ll be attending the event and tease any special features that will be at your booth.

Once you’re at the show, share images and videos of your booth, staff and visitors to keep the conversation going. Make sure you tag the event in your post’s copy and use any hashtags connected to the trade show.

3. Share explosive industry statistics

Curated snapshots of industry trends and insights are a great way to drive engagement on your LinkedIn page while showing off your organization’s expertise. You can create attention-grabbing images through programs like Canva or Venngage, but be sure to keep the graphics simple and easy to understand.

4. Go on a mission

Give your followers a front and center look at what your organization is up to by posting behind-the-scenes videos and images. This will help bring to life the work you do while also showcasing your company’s capabilities and accomplishments. You can share pictures from your production facilities, highlight when your team is out in the field or showcase recently completed projects.

5. Recycle and reimagine content

Tap into content you’ve already created and rework it to make it more digestible for LinkedIn audiences. For example, you could pull statistics from a white paper and transform it into an informative image or share an insightful clip from a recent webinar.

6. Spotlight your crew

Help potential buyers get familiar with your company by introducing your employees via LinkedIn posts. From production staff to sales representatives, highlight the variety of roles at your company to drive connections and reveal the human side of your organization.

7. Highlight successful landings

No one can vouch for your company quite like a current customer can. Tap into their experiences by sharing case studies and testimonials that demonstrate your strengths as a partner.

8. Explore solutions

As a supplier, clients expect you to be in tune with the challenges they face. Keep your brand top of mind by sharing advice and insights that customers can’t find anywhere else. To stand out in a crowded LinkedIn feed, be specific with your guidance and investigate issues others might be afraid to delve into.

9. Transport followers to the past

Show customers how far your brand has come by posting throwback images and videos. This content can help demonstrate a product’s longevity and your organization’s loyalty to the industry.

Sharing useful and engaging content is an important part of creating a strong social media presence. For more advice on how to implement a successful social media marketing strategy, reach out to a Sosland Publishing sales representative here.