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The importance of validating campaign analytics and reach

validating campaign analytics
Source: Sosland Publishing


Analytics play a crucial role in evaluating the success of advertising campaigns. Yet, verifying the accuracy of these metrics can pose a significant challenge. To avoid receiving a distorted view of a campaign’s performance, ingredient and equipment suppliers in the food and beverage industry need a way to verify the accuracy of these metrics.  

Asking the right questions before and after you receive your campaign’s performance data is critical. Below we’ve rounded up some questions you can ask B2B media companies to validate campaign results and ensure the data you receive is accurate. 

What is the data source, and can you provide details about the methodology used for tracking and measuring ad performance?

Understanding the source of a campaign’s results is crucial to verifying its legitimacy. Ask B2B media companies where they obtain their data from and whether it is collected directly from their own platforms or through third-party providers. A trustworthy company should have rigorous data collection methods and be transparent about the sources they rely on for their analytics. 

It’s also important to understand the methodology used for measuring ad performance. Ask about the metrics they track and how they calculate them. Inquire about the tools and technologies they use to track impressions, clicks, conversions, and other key performance indicators. This will give you insights into their data collection processes and help you evaluate the reliability of their analytics.  

Do you use third-party verification services or tools to validate the accuracy of your analytics?

A reputable media company should be willing to provide access to raw data or offer third-party verification of their analytics. Ask if you can access the data behind the reported metrics to validate their accuracy. Alternatively, see if they are open to third-party audits or verification from independent measurement firms such as the Alliance for Audited Media. This will add an extra layer of credibility to analytics and alleviate any concerns about inflated audience reach.               

How do you prevent and detect click fraud to ensure that click-through rates are not artificially inflated?

When addressing concerns about inflated metrics, it’s crucial to understand how a trade media outlet prevents and detects click fraud. Click fraud happens when a click bot clicks on an ad, website link or in an email. This makes end users believe that someone is authentically engaging with their business, even though it’s not true.

Inquire about their use of advanced fraud detection tools and ask about their methods for monitoring unusual user engagement. For example, Sosland Publishing’s email service provider Omeda automatically identifies and removes suspicious clicks from all email and newsletter reporting. Omeda also offers information on where fake clicks are coming from, so our brands can block the sending address and provide accurate reporting. 

How often do you clean your audience list?

To ensure your campaign is reaching the right audience, ask your B2B media partner about how frequently they clean and update their audience lists. 

Regular maintenance of these lists ensures that reader data remains accurate and up to date and demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high-quality audience data. In addition, a clean list helps you reach engaged audiences, leading to improved campaign performance and stronger connections with leads. 

Can you provide references from other clients who have used your advertising services?

Client testimonials can provide valuable insights into the performance of ad campaigns run by media companies. Ask for references to help you measure the media company’s track record and determine if their analytics align with your expectations.    

It’s essential to ask the right questions to B2B media companies to ensure that the campaign results you receive are legitimate and help you achieve your marketing goals. Reach out to a Sosland Publishing media expert to learn how we can connect you to an engaged community of readers from across the food industry.