How to turn your B2B video into five pieces of marketing content

A person picking video play buttons from a tree
Source: Sosland Publishing


Video has become a vital and effective part of B2B marketing strategies, but focusing solely on long-form video content misses the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Fortunately, there is untapped potential in your existing video library that you can use to create new marketing materials that will help you build brand awareness and generate high-quality leads.

There are many ways you can repurpose your existing video content, so we’ve created a list of some ideas to get you started.

1. Create social media video clips

One of the most effective ways to craft new marketing materials is to create short videos that you can use on social media. Break an existing long-form video into bite-sized clips that highlight key moments, insights and tips.

Be sure to tailor your content for each platform, like creating vertical format video to be posted to your company’s social media stories. Adding captions and stickers are effective ways to increase engagement, which can increase visibility of your posts and in turn increase your brand awareness.

2. Develop supporting infographics

You can also try leveraging the content in your video library by creating engaging infographics and slide decks. Try condensing key findings, especially data and visual elements, into informative and visually appealing graphics that are shareable across various platforms. These digestible snippets make it easier for audiences to understand and remember your message.

3. Create new blog content

One great way to repurpose your videos is to develop new written content from them. Transcribing the audio into a blog not only increases accessibility, but it also improves your website’s search engine optimization and allows your audience to receive your message in their preferred format.

Depending on what the video is about, you may also be able to demonstrate thought leadership by crafting that content into a native article, a white paper or a how-to guide with written instructions based on video tutorials.

4. Turn your videos into podcast episodes

Another effective way to repurpose your existing video content is to tap into the growing popularity of podcasts. Try extracting the audio content of your existing video library to produce multiple episodes that you can post over time.

Developing a podcast from content you already have also gives you the opportunity to add commentary and insights that audiences would appreciate in this new format. If planned carefully, creating a podcast for your brand can appeal to a wider audience and can be a relatively light lift.

5. Use your repurposed content in email drip campaigns

There is also an opportunity to integrate your repurposed video content within an email drip campaign. Try tailoring your marketing materials to the recipient based on their interests and the stage they have reached in their buyer’s journey.

By carefully selecting video clips, links to your blog articles or other thought leadership, podcasts episodes and engaging infographics in your email campaign, you can more effectively introduce your company, showcase your product’s features and address your audience’s pain points. This can be a highly effective way to nurture your leads and convert them into customers.

In the competitive B2B landscape of the food and beverage industry, repurposing your existing video content can be a cost-effective and efficient way to maximize your impact. Speak with a Sosland Publishing media expert today to embark on a dynamic journey to get the most ROI from your recorded content.