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Future is now for milling technology

A grain professional’s device pings early on a Wednesday: A VP has a VIP in need of 30,000 cwts of bread flour, ASAP.  

China hungry for more

World’s most populous nation reaches for self-sufficiency as it holds fast to food security

Global Vision: The World Grain Story

Magazine celebrates 40 years of covering the grain, flour milling and feed milling industries from an international perspective.

Digitization transforms commodity markets

Electronic trading technology ended 150-plus years of open outcry buying and selling and has potential to transform the grain elevator’s role.

The Past, Present, and Future of Milling

It’s been said the first flour miller was the first person who chewed on a wheat kernel. While the details of that milestone will never be known, we do know the transition to using millstones instead of molars to extract flour occurred around 6000 BC, and it remained the primary flour-making method for many centuries.

A Century of Grain Trade

Volume changes have been seismic, while origins and destinations have fluctuated and will continue to do so as new disruptors emerge.