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Melissa Udovicic, Agropur

On my radar: Agropur’s Melissa Udovicic

We spoke to Melissa Udovicic, director of marketing and communications, Agropur. about what she’s reading and listening to to keep pace with B2B marketing trends.

On my radar, Jennifer Lindsey

On my radar: Corbion’s Jennifer Lindsey

In Sosland Publishing’s new series “On my radar,” marketers from across the food industry reveal what they’re reading, listening to and watching to stay up to date on marketing trends.

Person reading magazine

Four reasons print packs a punch

Thinking about abandoning print advertising? From increased recall to higher ROI, the benefits of print advertising shouldn’t be overlooked…

Person sitting at computer reading emails

How to create targeted emails that convert

Whether you’re introducing a new product or announcing a special offer, targeted emails are a great way to drive qualified traffic and leads to your website and…